A real gentlemen´s game.

Current worldrecord is 72 feet.

Held by Turbo TOM from Germany.

The last official record was set at Miniswedens Summer Party Session 1998.

A long time ago indeed.

The rules:

*The goal is to propell a beerbottle as far as possible away from the "Shooting range".

*This is done by inserting an empty beerbottle into the tailsection of the exhaust system.

*The engine may not be running during this procedure.

*When the bottle is by the competitor regarded to be in "Live" position,

the engine is started using any accelerator position the competitor may wish.

*Using other cars than Mini´s is ok, but those who do tend to get some rough

verbal treatment from the other competitors and spectators.

*You must line up your bottle launcher yourself, taking care not to cross the "Line of launch"

*The beerbottle is of "Mini Sweden Standard", and is provided by the organizers.

*You may add some kind of sealing agent such as sticky tape to the beerbottle

in order to get a better joint surface against your exhaust system.

*You are competing at your own risk, the organizers are not to be blamed for any casualities.

The equipment:

*A bottle launcher. This being a car, motorcycle or other vehicle using an internal combustion engine.

*This bottle launcher must be fitted with some sort of exhaust routing device, rear or side exit.

*The projectile itself, the beerbottle is provided by the organizers. It`s an ordinary John Bull

Bitter bottle as bought at the Swedish "Systembolaget".

*To make sure that no fluid is left in this bottle, the event organizers will consume the contents.

The shooting ground:

*The shooting ground may differ a little depending on the environment.

*It´s basic structure is of a rectangle, with "The line of launch"

being positioned on one of the shorter segments.

*The length of a "Shot" is measured from "The line of launch"

to where the bottle ends it´s journey.

That is, not only the distance in the air but also the

bouncing about on the ground is part of the "Shot".

*If the projectile ends it´s movement outside of the "Hazard lines",
this will be declared as "Foul"