It was in the beginning of the century.

I had somehow gotten hold of the adress to the premises BMH was moving to.

We were not sure what to expect,

 all we knew they were about to start production of brand new Mini bodyshells using the original tooling.

We found the site but there was no signs, no people or anything to suggest any kind of automotive activity at all.

We snooped around and I found a door that was not locked.

We entered, walked around the deserted reception area an found our way to a room that was also empty apart from a few MGB bodypanels scattered around.

Suddenly, a very surprised manager that proved to belong to the BMH cried out
"How on earth did you find us, and how did you manage to get in?"

We are not officially open on this adress yet.

We explained that we had followed a lead and it turned out a success.

Being very impressed with our ingenuity we were welcome to be among the very first to see the newly finished Mini body. The very first, fresh from the trial production. It was OK to take pictures as long as we did not publish them.

But that was a long time ago, right?