Pictures from numerous trips to the UK scouting for car and motorcycle parts. Also visits to motor museums, car factories and many workshops all over the UK. A real Alladins cave bursting with snapshots to be published on this page. Stay tuned!

We are starting off with the album

"Higgins Used Racecars 1989"

Next out is our surprise visit to BMH

and the Mini bodywork reproduction.

Some assorted pictures from our visits to the UK world of Motorsport

UK trip Brighton with the boys
UK at the Pub in Lingfield
Ola and a nice girl whos name I cant remember DodgeEms at Brighton Pie
UK Much more fun before GPS
UK Mr Perra at the Pub
UK Morris and market
UK Kalle met his equal
UK Good old Dana Anglia
UK Port of Dover
UK out on the Northsea
UK The Water Rat
UK The Rock House Hotel in Lynmouth
UK The Jeppsons ordering at PamPam in Southampton
UK Wolseley Hornet at scrapyard

A cacophony of pictures from our many UK trips

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