Welcome to view some pictures from the new MINI launch

at Mondial de l'Automobile in Paris in 2000. 

Minisweden and Landcrab engineering went together as invited by BMW Sweden.

At the time we arrived most of the stalls were empty

and silent ,  almost deserted.  Where was all the people?
We found them. They were at the display where BMW

had placed the new MINI!

We had real difficulties even getting close to the cars.
There was admirers in, on and outside the MINI´s.

Glamoruos car-show hostesses, champagne, neon lights and loud music got the launch party started in style .
Everyone was smitten by the new little upstart .

Hold it! Everyone?

Was it really a MINI? Did we like it?

Did it have the right to carry such a prestigous name?

Did we think it was THE car-happening of the decade?

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